How is it already mid-November? When you look at your calendar, do get a catch of fear in your throat when you realize how very close we are to the beautiful season of Advent?

If you're like me, and your answer is, "Yes!" be sure to head over to Catholic Icing and take a look at Lacy's beautiful new e-book, The Advent Christmas Planner.

The Advent Christmas Planner The Advent Christmas Planner

Packed with ideas and activities, this is the perfect tool to help you make the most of the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas. Lacy shares:

The Advent Christmas Planner The Advent Christmas Planner

This whole ebook has been designed to help the average mother actually execute living the liturgical year at home during the Advent and Christmas seasons rather than just dreaming, filling Pinterest boards, and then becoming overwhelmed.This ebook was written to help you actually accomplish the things you’ve always wanted to by integrating it into your life.

This ebook integrates all the religious aspects of celebrating Christmas with all the practical stuff us mothers also have to take care of this time of year. From stocking stuffers to Jesse Trees, from Advent Saint celebrations to gift budgeting, from meal planning to Epiphany door blessings- it’s all in one easy place for you. No searching all over the internet, or picking from this book and that book.

The Advent Christmas Planner is part inspirational, part practical, part devotional, and part fun! Designed especially not to overwhelm mothers, this ebook is going to help you plan your own custom set of traditions that can build so that planning for Advent and Christmas gets easier each year.

For a limited time, the planner is on sale for only $10. Visit Catholic Icing for more information.