001Calendar.1Today's post is tardy. Because, well, no excuses other than that I need to get my act together.

Which is ironic, given the fact that if I'd had and been actively using THIS TOOL from Catholic Sistas, my life would have been not only infinitely more organized, but also far more oriented towards prayer.

This Day Planner is actually four tools in one, designed specifically for you, the Catholic Mom. Two of the components are "must buy" tools. The third is "must buy" if you're a Catholic homeschooler. Section number four is perfect for Catholic bloggers. The Planner consists of:

  1. Calendar and Day Planner
  2. Household Management Bundle
  3. Homeschool Bundle
  4. Blogger Bundle

017Homeschool.3I love the fact that the planner's creator Martina Kreitzer (and you really need to read all about her here) has a true sense of what Catholic moms most need to organize our days. The main section of the planner is oriented around the liturgical calendar. But spirituality is sprinkled throughout the tool. Even the blog planner's daily maintenance worksheet begins with "pray before writing" as the first item on the checklist.

Another great feature of the tool, along with the tremendous value, is the fact that you can design your own tool. Since you will be purchasing a PDF file, you print and arrange the pages that best work for you in the order you most prefer.

Learn more about and purchase the Catholic Through the Year bundles here.

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