Today, I'm happy to share the good news about a terrific new resource from our friends at Loyola Press. Food and Faith is a unique look at the intersection between how we nourish our bodies and how we nourish our souls! Perfectly timed for Thanksgiving, this is something you'll want to explore and share. Enjoy! Lisa


Food Network priest who cooks to bring families together. A small-business owner who adds sizzle to his parish’s 40-year-old fish fry. A food writer who pours her faith into her Lebanese cooking. A former chef-turned-Jesuit who finds God at the table.

These are a few of the fascinating stories presented in Loyola Press’s Food and Faith, a new series that celebrates the inspiring ways Catholics express their faith through the culinary arts. Hosted at, this collection of stories examines food and faith just in time for Thanksgiving.

The connection between food and faith has always been present, from Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding at Cana to today’s celebration of the Eucharist at Mass. We continue this tradition of nourishing our soul as well as our body with every food drive and pancake breakfast shared in the parish hall. Loyola Press is excited to illuminate all the ways we feed our souls at the intersection of food and faith.

As part of the popular Arts and Faith series, Food and Faith delves into the stories and lives of people who use the culinary arts to find God. The series will begin the second week of November and lead up to Thanksgiving, a time when families break bread together and reflect on the good God has brought into their lives. Like the many other stories in the Arts and Faith series, the Food and Faith collection will remain online for readers to enjoy and share season after season.

The series captures the personal and public ways faith is explored, expressed, shared, and celebrated in our families, parishes, and culture. Loyola Press hopes these 30+ stories inspire readers to tap their own talents to express their faith through cooking, baking, gardening, harvesting memories, or simply enjoying good food with great company.

Whether you’re a chef de cuisine or can barely make toast, Food and Faith shows there’s always a place at God’s table. Jump in, explore the stories, and share the creative ways you’re expressing your faith at

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