jesus remember me

Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom. - Luke 23:42

If we do not know that God is Mercy after reading the story of the Prodigal Son, we should know it after reading today's gospel.

Christ the King, as he hangs dying on a cross, gives pardon to one of the criminals being crucified with him. He tells him he will be in heaven that day with Jesus.

The criminal (we call him the "Good Thief") is dying, too. We do not know if he really had a change of heart or if he was just plain scared. What we do know is that Jesus forgave him and shattered any thought we may have about earning our way into heaven.

Mercy is not about what we deserve. It is about love.

Pope John Paul II wrote that "Mercy is love's second name."

Love. Mercy. Christ the King.

Jesus, help me to remember you are the King of my life. Help me to trust in your love and mercy. Bring me, Lord, into your kingdom. Amen.

What do you think about the thief going straight to heaven? We know God is love. Do we remember He is mercy, too?

Copyright 2013 Colleen Spiro