Note: I received a review copy of the Logos Verbum software but am not being compensated for this review. LMH

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Just in time for the start of the new liturgical year comes a big announcement from the team at Logos Verbum software, home of the powerful suite of scripture and Church teaching tools:

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If you're not already familiar with Verbum, let me share a few of the highlights the "Basic" version of this powerful tool:

  • Follow links from the Catechism to biblical and conciliar sources
  • Read what the Church Fathers say about a topic — Verbum gives you a list of texts where Church Fathers discuss whatever you’re looking for
  • Study alongside the Lectionary and see where your topic is referenced in the Liturgy
  • Make powerful searches into multiple Bible translations and the Church Fathers
  • Search in Greek or Hebrew
  • See the Greek with a New Testament reverse interlinear Bible

This weekend's "Plus" update truly takes this super tool to the next level. The upgrade includes three major improvements:

1. Improvements to the Lectionary Sidebar:

  • The day's Missal readings are now easily located on my homepage, searchable by date and readable in a variety of bible translations. An appropriately colored icon indicates the liturgical season. I love being able to not only log on and read the day's Mass readings, but also to do some truly amazing research at a level I could never have attained without Verbum!

2. An enhanced Saints Database:

  • A New database of over 500 Saints and their feast days. The database includes great high-resolution images and links the saints by feast day to my homepage. As part of each day's prayer time, I pray through the intercession of the saint whose feast day we celebrate. I've really loved learning more about the lives of the saints with Verbum.

3. A revolutionary Catholic Topical Index:

  • A huge reference index, hand-compiled by Verbum scholars, searchable by topic and fully integrated with Verbum libraries. I am still only scratching the surface of this index's power. The potential seems limitless.

With these new "Plus" features, there's even more reason for you to check out the great tools provided by Verbum. Why not gift yourself or a loved one the gift of faith and knowledge this Christmas? But don't wait! Logos is offering a special rate this weekend (11/29-12/1). Use the coupon code VERBUMBLACKFRIDAY to take 15% off a brand new Verbum Plus library or 15% off any upgrade to a Verbum Plus library!

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