When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I want to do is pray.

It is the last thing I actually think about doing, though.

Instead, I am trying to motivate myself to get out of bed. I am trying to get in a shower before the kids wake up. I am toweling off quickly because the kids woke up crying. I am wrestling two kids into diapers and clothes while I try to finish getting ready. I am getting breakfast made before a meltdown happens. You get the idea.

But I want to pray.

I want to make morning prayer my priority. But, it is hard for me when I am overwhelmed by so many other thoughts and obligations. It is easy to put prayer off until later, and then later suddenly becomes 11pm when all I have to give to God is my leftovers.

So, I came up with something new: Prayer Sticks.

photo 1 (2)

You guys, this is the easiest "craft" with huge benefits. I used a pretty mason jar that my aunt dolled up for me, but you could just use a regular mason jar or a ziplock bag or an old sock. I don't think it matters. I just like pretty.

Then, I used large tongue depressor popsicle stick craft thingies (I didn't want to get technical on you, but sometimes it is necessary.), and wrote different types of prayer on them.

Of course you can fill them out with whatever prayers work best for you, but here are some ideas I used on mine:

some of these are titles from my favorite daily devotionals some of these are titles from my favorite daily devotionals

Then, I draw a stick each morning and complete the prayer. No decision needed.

You can do this right? Not just the craft; you can pray daily too. I know it.

 What's your favorite way to pray? I want to add it to my sticks!

This post originally appeared on Jenna's personal blog, Call Her Happy.

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