Today's Gospel: Mark 2:23-28

You know the hero in any action movie? He finds himself in impossible situations where he is exhausted, he has been shot, and things seem bleak, but he keeps fighting and clawing his way to victory. A priest once told me that is what it should be like on Sundays when we are trying to get to Mass. Very little should stand in our way. And I think that is important and true.


But we need to forgive ourselves for the times when life calls us in another direction. Kids will get sick. WE will get sick. Snow will fall. Cars will break down. And in those times, it is easy to let guilt take over. But we don't go to Mass out of guilt; we go out of love.

So, in those trying times where Mass doesn't happen, remember you tried your hardest. Remember what the Lord said: “The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. That is why the Son of Man is lord even of the sabbath.”


When have you failed recently, whether in Mass attendance or in some other area of your life? How can you turn that failure over to God?


Lord, help me to forgive myself. Show me how to walk more closely with you and love myself the way you do. Hold me in my failures.

Copyright 2014 Jenna Hines