Today's Gospel: Mark 3:22-30

"How can Satan cast out Satan?"

In today's Gospel, we find Jesus being questioned by the scholars of the day about His authority over demons. In a previous chapter, Jesus cast a demon out of a man at a synagogue; this demon named Him for Who He is: "the Holy One of God." Though He was able to silence and cast out the unclean spirit by simply speaking to it, Jesus' power over demons is parsed by the scribes, who could not see or understand where His authority came from.

Even though common men and women recognized that Jesus had to be a Divine power, the scholars doubted it. They doubted that God had come to them, that Jesus' power and authority were from the Heavenly Father of Israel. Jesus reminds them through a parable that He has bound Satan and conquered him. 

How often in my life do I worry over things I have tried to hand over to God? The old saying "Let go and let God" is far easier said than done.

Yes, I pray that God will help me, heal me, touch the lives of those I love so that they know His grace and mercy. But, like the scribes, I often doubt in the secret of my heart that I can actually completely let go of the situation and trust God to handle it.

I want to hang on, to help, to do my part to help God accomplish what should be done. Like a small child who is desperate to help Mommy fix something he has broken, I grasp and pull at the situation, never fully letting Jesus do what He wants to do: help me and help my loved ones. 

Jesus has the power to simply speak to demons and silence them. He can simply say, "Be silent, and come out of him!" and it is done. How can I not trust that He can help me with my worries without my input? It's all about me being able to trust God, resting in the knowledge that He is Who He says He is: the all-powerful Father who loves me beyond all measure, and who cares for every minutia in my life. He knows the hairs on my head. He has the power to do all He promises, if only I get out of the way. 


Is there an area in your life where you struggle to "let go and let God"? Can you release your grip on that area, allowing God to direct the situation?


Lord, I pray you help me to rest easy in the understanding that You care for me and will provide for me as necessary. Help me to trust in You.

Copyright 2014 Christine Johnson