Today's Gospel: John 16:5-11

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that it is time for Him to leave; He is about to ascend to the Father. Although He promises to send the Advocate (the Holy Spirit), his disciples are still grieving over Jesus’ imminent physical departure. Yet Jesus tells them that in order for the Holy Spirit to come to them and enlighten them further, He must go.

Oftentimes, we feel like God isn’t “there” for us. It’s tough to admit, but we don’t always have a consolation of good feelings about God all the time. And sometimes, things seem to be going really well when we’re suddenly faced with a huge change, which can bring its own challenges to our lives.

What Jesus is telling his disciples, and what He is telling us now, is that those changes are there for God to bring about something new, and very often better, in our lives. We can’t cling to today when God needs us to move forward towards tomorrow. Today is good, and that change looks frightening, but tomorrow is going to be even better.

I remember when we moved from Florida, where we lived blocks from my parents, to Virginia. Our children were 5 and 2. Our younger daughter cried when my parents left after their first visit to us. Our older daughter pined for years for our old home and her lost friends. But here in Virginia, we’ve made new friends and gotten involved in such wonderful things. When she was about 9, I finally asked my older daughter with a huff, “What exactly is better about Florida than here, aside from Grandma and Pa Pa being right there?” After giving it a little thought, she realized that the only thing she really missed was seeing her grandparents regularly. She really did love her new life, but she was still clinging to her memories of what she had before.


Am I clinging to what I have because I’m in fear of change? Does God have more planned for me, and am I delaying that good thing by not embracing the change? If so, how can I let go of today to be ready to embrace tomorrow?


Lord, teach me to be ready for Your will, whatever that may bring. Help me to say yes to you and not delay Your plans for me by clinging to life as I know it. Let me see how beautiful Your plan for me really is.

Copyright 2014 Christine Johnson