Chances are, if you're reading the blog, you are at least a little tech savvy. If you're reading this column, you probably have an apple or android device, making you even more tech savvy. I'm betting you can probably even take photos and share them via text or Facebook.

So how do you share them with the technology boycotters? Enter Postagram.


Postagram is an app that allows you to pull photos from your devices photo library as well as a Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox account and send them via good old-fashioned snail mail.

I don't know about you, but I never bother to print photos to mail my mother, grandmother, or daughter's godmother. Postagram makes it super easy to snail mail a photo to someone.

Simply select your photo source, pick a photo, then crop/center/zoom in as desired. Postagram sends a square image so something will be cut off somewhere. The image is sent as a postcard, so you can add a message to the recipient, too.

It pulls the address for mailing from your devices contact list, so be sure to update the records for people you want to send Postagrams to if you don't normally have address information in there. The recipient gets a sturdy, glossy, black postcard with a square Polaroid-sized picture that is perforated for removal.

It's not perfect, but my mom & grandma really like getting pictures more frequently even if they are smaller. You can buy credits for less than $1/card, with a bigger discount for more credits. In addition, there are occasionally free credits offered in exchange for advertising on the card somewhere. If you find you really like it, only buy the minimum number of credits because the have a huge once-a-year credit sale before Christmas.

So there you have it--my favorite app for sharing photos with far-flung family and friends who eschew technology :).

What are your favorite photo-related apps?

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