Today's Gospel: Mark 4:35-41

I've never been in a small boat when a "violent squall" like the one described in today's gospel came up, but when I read the words Mark uses to describe the mayhem on board Jesus' boat, I immediately came upon a familiar image -- airline turbulence.

Have you ever been inside a small plane when it hits turbulent air mid-flight? The "fasten your seat belt" light illuminates and the flight attendants run for their seats. As a passenger, you're left to trust the skills of the pilot and the construction of the plane, in hopes that the massive shaking will end and the wings will remain intact.

It's scary!

So I can relate to the fear and panic the disciples felt as the water blew across the bow and their master sat atop his cushion, sound asleep. When they awoke him, Jesus rebuked the wind and the sea (and perhaps the disciples as well) and the stormy elements calmed immediately. Then he turned to his disciples and questioned their faith.

I will remember this passage the next time that my "boat" begins to rock and sway, blown about by life's busyness and the inevitable little "squalls" that come upon me. Next time, instead of panicking, I hope I'll remember to turn in prayer and to trust in the One who is the source of all. God has his hand fully on the tiller of my life. It's my job to stand in awe, and to trust in the fullness of his love.


When your life is buffeted and battered by storms of strife, do you tend to lose trust that God truly cares for you?


God, creator of wind, of sea, and of me, I desire to fully believe in the love you have for me and for my life. May my faith in you be unfailing and my love for you be endless.

Copyright 2014 Lisa M. Hendey