Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Catholic Techie Rob Kaczmark 

Meet Rob Kaczmark, an exciting Catholic Techie who is sure to make you smile.

My Love/Hate Relationship with Kindle: A Student’s View

The handiest research tool in my school bookbag isn’t a book. It’s an app. Why I hate to love Kindle for PCand why I’d hate to live without it, too.

Catholic Blogger Jennifer Fitz

Meet Catholic Blogger Jennifer Fitz, who says that one of the reasons to continue blogging is "there's so much that can happen via the quiet corners of the internet that just can't or doesn't happen elsewhere."

My Favorite App for Sharing Pictures with Technologically Challenged Family

Jen Steed shares her favorite app for sharing photos with family members who want hard copy photos. Go ahead and chime in with your favorite photo-related apps, too!

Pornography: Answering for your Time Online

What do you know about pornography addiction?  Were you aware it is not only a "guy thing"?  Allison Gingras tackles this difficult subject and offers valuable information about this issue as well as internet accountability software and apps.

Game Review: Darksiders II

John Konecsni reviews Darksiders II for our Tech Talk team. He says it's better than the first Darksiders, but if you don't have to play it, get a copy of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion instead.

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