Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Republic Wireless - Cheap Cell Service For Some

Disgusted by how much you're spending for cell phone service? Chris Weitzel has an alternative that may just work for you!

OPERATION: #FallFlair!

When was your last playdate?  Join Gina as she embarks on a mission to capture the bounty of the season through images. Inspire others to play along!

Remembering All Those Passwords: LastPass and Keeper to the Rescue!

How do you keep all those passwords straight? Sarah Reinhard has two suggestions that may work for you...and they're (mostly) free!

Catholic Playlist Show - Update

Allison Gingras revisits one of her favorite Catholic Radio shows (and podcasts), The Catholic Playlist, to bring you not only interesting updates but also some really exciting news!

Game Review: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Oh, yay, another dystopian future. Because we haven't seen enough of that lately, have we? John Konecsni reviews Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for our Tech Talk team. Find out what he thinks is worth noting.

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