Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Catholic Blogger Jenna Hines

Meet Catholic Blogger Jenna Hines, who juggles a few blogs and shares some wisdom with us.

This Little Piiiggy Stayed Home

It's cold outside, but Piiig Talk can entertain your little ones by making iPods, iPhones, and iPads into walkie-talkies and voice changers that work through your home's Wi-Fi.

When Life is Like an iPod

What impact is the iPod having on our ability to practice patience and perseverance in life?

New Mobile App Puts an End to Hunger at Your Fingertips

Catholic Relief Services announces the launch of the Rice Bowl app.

The Catholic Playlist Show: On-Air, Podcast, and App

Here's an exciting find for Catholic music lovers - The Catholic Playlist Show has something for everyone and a variety ways to listen.

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