Confession:  The story of Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima always rankled me.  Perhaps I saw Our Lady’s requests at Fatima as mere “oughts” and “shoulds”—Catholic guilt and legalism—causing my pride and perfectionism to bubble up from the murky pit of snot that hasn’t yet been flushed from my soul.

So when I offered to review the newest Glory Story, Secrets from Heaven: The Story of the Children of Fatima, I had one question: Would this children’s program help me overcome my resistance to the message and story of Fatima?  Would it inculcate in this most antithetical critic a desire to learn more?

Answer:  Yes.

glory stories - fatima

The Glory Stories team tells the events of Fatima with attention to plot structure and character development, making a true story of it and not just an animated recitation of facts. That Our Lady promised to appear to the children over a period of time plays wonderfully into a story’s need for suspense—the listener is sure to follow the story all the way to the end.

Children listening to the program will be drawn to the persons of Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta.  And parents will appreciate the age-appropriate way Glory Stories portrays anti-Catholic persecution and the difficulties the children faced.

Secrets from Heaven will appeal most to children whose families have a strong, open faith life.  But I will not discount the possibility that other children would also enjoy the story!

After listening to Secrets from Heaven, I feel myself more willing to look into Fatima. Our current and recent Holy Fathers have begged the intercession Our Lady of Fatima, a telling sign of how important this apparition is for the modern Church.  If a children’s program can get this through my stubborn head, then I count it a success.

Secrets from Heaven: The Story of the Children of Fatima, is available from Holy Heroes.

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