Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Catholic Techie Matt Korger

Meet Catholic Techie Matt Korger, a self-proclaimed "traditional Catholic actively participating in nerdity."

Via Crucis: An App for the Stations of the Cross

Katie O'Keefe shares an iOS app she'll be using this Lent to grow closer to the Passion.

Battling the "Greener Pastures" Syndrome with My iPad

Lisa Hess has no intention of replacing her first generation iPad — at least not any time soon. Here's how she's making it continue to work, despite the challenges of crashing apps, unsupported updates, and the newer devices being sold.

Make Prayer a Habit with the Lift App

Are you struggling to make prayer a part of your daily life? Try using the Lift app to make it happen.

A Multimedia Look at the Mass

Use your iPad to its fullest potential as you learn more about the Mass with this stunning app by Dan Gonzalez.

Blackfriars Media: New App (Android Version)

The Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph recently released a new app for mobile devices: Blackfriars Media. Allison Gingras outlines the features of the new portal to the Dominican’s great media.

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