Ages 7 to 10, March 9

The innocence and purity of childhood is there among our children. We as parents have to preserve that innocence. We need to protect our children from the vulgarity of our culture, the materialism, the sexual innuendo, the violence and the anger. Our children learn these vices through exposure to TV shows that are not age appropriate, to video games that are violent, to situations that our children do not need to be privy to until adulthood. Children are taught how to hate, they are desensitized by hours of playing video games killing things and fake people, they don’t understand sex completely but they will imitate what they witness. Sheltering a child from these things is like planting a rose bush in your yard and providing it with water, nutrients and the sun instead of covering it with a bucket, feeding it gasoline and leaving it to wither and die.

Protect your children, preserve their innocence and shelter them from the harshness of our culture as long as you are able. Lay the foundation of kindness, manners, respect, and selflessness and love before your children have to walk into our world that rivals those values.

Copyright 2014 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp