download-verbum-appOne of the Lenten devotions I'm most greatly anticipating this week is my participation in Verbum's terrific (and free!) Lenten Journey. First, for those of you who may not already know Verbum, here is an overview of their services:

Verbum is an immense and intuitive Catholic library that makes it easier than ever before to delve into Scripture and Tradition. Simply enter a verse or topic and press go, and Verbum will present you with the most meaningful and relevant results from Scripture, the Catechism, Church Fathers, and other key texts from the Tradition. Whether you're studying at home, work, or school, Verbum will sync your books and resources across all your devices. Verbum brings the tools of the twenty-first century to the Tradition of the Church.

Whether I'm studying the day's liturgy of the word or working on a book, Verbum has become my "go to" resource for scripture study references. The Lenten Journey will enable me to pray and study with other members of the Verbum faith community as together we study the free book Lenten Grace: Daily Gospel Reflections and 32 other free booksEqually as awesome is the free Verbum app, which contains Lenten Grace, the daily lectionary, access to the Faithlife community and the remainder of my book collection.

If you're looking for a way to use your favorite tech tools like an iPad, smartphone or computer to explore sacred scripture and other Catholic classics the Lent, definitely check out the Verbum Lenten Journey today so you're ready for Wednesday!

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