Today's Gospel: Luke 11:14-23

Once again, we read about Jesus driving out demons and having the scholars accuse Him of doing so in the name of Beezlebub. In January, we heard Mark's account, and today we read Luke's telling of the story. Here, though, we see that Jesus challenges the people asking them, "If I cast out demons by Beezlebub, by whom do your own people cast them out? Therefore, they shall be your judges."

Jesus tells those listening that Satan cannot cast out Satan, demons do not cast out demons. A house divided cannot stand - even the demons know that they cannot accomplish any goals without being united. And yet the people who have longed for a Savior are divided in opinion as to Who Jesus is. Some people marvel about Him healing the sick and casting out demons, but others could not be convinced that the Messiah had come. Jesus could very well have been telling them that they needed to be united with God's will - and with His Son.

In our own lives, and in our own parishes, are we united? Most parishes have their power struggles and disagreements - it's all a part of our Fallen Nature - and all of this causes us to lose the Big Picture. We're busy running things and accomplishing things, and very often we forget to look at what it is that God wants accomplished, what God should be running. Our lives should be centered around seeking God's will for us, and when we do that, we become united with His will - and His Son.


Am I in disagreement with someone in my family or parish? By dividing ourselves, are we taking our eyes off the Big Picture: God and His will for us? What can I do to seek His will and be united with Him and the people around me?


Father in Heaven, help me to abandon my pride in order to work together with the people around me to do Your will. Teach me humility so that I may serve You better in the people who are in my every day life.

Copyright 2014 Christine Johnson