cover-embracingyourgreatnessEmbracing Your Greatness: Healing Wounds & Reclaiming Our Greatness through Theology of the Body, by Christina King

If you feel as if you are nailed to your cross instead of carrying it, chances are you need healing and freedom.  This book is for anyone who with wounds especially from sexual abuse, trauma or neglect. Bl. Pope John Paul II’s Theology of The Body is the foundation upon which we can more fully understand that Christ desires to heal our “whole” person, body and soul. Using Theology of The Body as well as her own story of healing and deliverance, the author takes you a on a journey that will inspire you as well as enable you to tap into the same healing power available to all that seek it. “We were not made for comfort, we were made for Greatness.” (Bl. JPII) This book will help you reclaim your greatness.

“Is there anyone who does not need some form of healing in their life? In this fascinating book, Christina opens with a wonderful Gospel promise: That Christ Jesus came into this world to set captives free! And she concludes with a marvelous scriptural reality: The Bible begins and ends with a wedding, and we ourselves are made for a spousal relationship with the Lord of Life who loves each one of us! Christina takes us on a very personal journey, yet ultimately she tells her story so that we could never hesitate to ask, seek, and knock for healing and renewal which belongs to each of us as God’s children.” Fr. Peter Stryker CPM Rector of The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Champion Wisconsin 

Christina King has been studying Theology of The Body for the past 14 years.  For the past four years she has been receiving healing and instruction through the John Paul II Healing Center.  For the past nine years She has taken six of the eight courses offered at the Theology of The Body Institute including three courses on Theology of The Body, Catholic Sexual Ethics, Healing and Redeeming our sexuality Through Theology of The Body, The Writings of Love and Responsibility, the writings of John Paul II on Gender, Marriage and Family and much more.  This experience combined with her degree in Psychology and graduate courses in counseling have given her a foundation upon which to share her healing story in hopes to help others who may have found traditional counseling a coping mechanism rather than one of healing.