let god movie

The faith-based film Let God is the story of a young housewife, Amelia, whose husband wishes to travel west during the 19th century gold rush. Her husband is killed in a Native American attack and she is left alone in the wilderness.

Amelia battles hunger, the winter, and other unknowns of the woods as her faith is tested to its limit. She loses faith and almost her life. At her weakest point, she encounters an unknown visitor who restores her hope in God and helps her to survive the struggle for her life.

Amelia is a good church girl who reads the Bible and keeps the Sabbath holy, but that is all just a routine. Amelia had only told her best friend that she planning on such a treacherous journey with her husband and a group of others. She tries to be a good Christian wife by sticking by him, but she is scared to leave her home. He wants to make a better life for them, but his greedy ways lead him to leave the rest of the group and travel alone to get to the gold first.

Her family has no idea that she headed west, her husband is dead, and she is now alone and may die as well. Her faith is really put to the test when her life is at stake. She feels abandoned by God when she has no one left beside her.

The background music in the film is used frequently to keep the audience's attention and evoke emotion. The plot is a little confusing when an unknown character shows up, but at the end, it all makes more sense. This film has some parts that might cause tension for younger viewers due to blood and the scarier music at times. There is not any actual violence portrayed, which makes it a great family movie. The message that God is always watching over us is a beautiful truth to our faith. It is something a family can always be reminded of and this film does just that.

God turns out to be with her the whole time and her faith is slowly restored. Even when she gives up on God and tosses out her Bible, He does not leave her. Do you feel God when you have given up hope? Or do you not notice until you look back to see that He was there the whole time?

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