The publisher of the highly acclaimed novel The Cana Mystery by David Beckett is challenging Catholic writers everywhere to take up their pens and create good works that espouse a worldview (whether overtly or through the subtlety of imagery and prose) emphasizing a love and awe for the grandeur of God.



Tuscany Press is putting its money where its mouth is to encourage the next generation of Catholic authors with $10,000 in cash prizes for submissions. The deadline is June 30th.

“The Tuscany Prize is made possible through the generosity of a number of donors,” said Peter Mongeau, publisher. “The Catholic community is made up of some of the best story tellers in the world and we’re hopeful the prize will draw them out to put forth a new work of fiction or even something they felt would never see the light of the day—sometimes a diamond hides in the rough.”

The Tuscany Prize began in 2012 with a smaller monetary offering. One previous winner The Book of Jotham by Arthur Powers was a work that had collected dust for over 20 years until one day the author decided to submit the novella as an entry—the unique story about a mentally challenged disciple moved the team of reviewers and editors. Mr. Powers’ forgotten work was eventually published.

“We’ve received 300 submissions this year so far,” notes Mongeau. “But I’m sure we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s out there—Catholics are impassioned people from all different walks of life with so many different stories...we’d love to see a thousand entries!”

The Tuscany Prize awards three different categories: the novel with a top prize of $5,000, the young adult novel with $3,000 and the short story with $1,000. At $1,000 for a short story, the Tuscany Prize ranks among the top cash prizes for short story submissions. There are several runner-up cash prizes. Entries for novel and young adult novel are open to both unpublished and self-published works of fiction. Contest Guidelines and a submission link are online at