free resources for JPII canonization

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For many of us who work in youth ministry, Pope John Paul II was a shepherd and father like none other. His love and affection for young people led thousands to the faith. His devotion to the Eucharist and Mary showed us how to live in God’s love. His courage to stand for justice brought the hope and peace of Jesus Christ to people around the world.

This is the time to introduce your young people to the greatest hero of our generation. The folks at LifeTeen have written two FREE youth ministry resources for you to use and share with all of your friends in youth ministry. The first, “The Fearless Witness,” is a Life Night to be used with your high school teens. “Life Is an Adventure” can be used with your middle school youth at an Edge Night.

In addition to these two free nights, they have also written two original books, one for middle schoolers and one for everyone else. Check out the descriptions on their website to find out more about “The Challenge” and “The Keys”.

Together with the intercession of Saint John Paul II, we hope and pray these nights bless you and your teens. You can learn all about them here.