mypaulMy Name is Paul is a film based on the Bible story of Apostle Paul and his conversion to Christianity. A government organization, led by Paul, goes about killing anyone who is following “The Way” (Christ). They have put some of “The Way” followers into concentration camps. Paul is the best leader for the job, but an accident causes him to miraculously become blind. “The Way” followers find and take care of him. A Christian man, named Ananias, prays over Paul and his sight is restored. Paul's encounter with the Lord forever changes his heart and leads him on the way to a major conversion. He is captured by his old co-workers and is brought to Peter in order to kill him. Paul refuses to kill Peter, so they shoot Peter right in front of Paul.

The film is set in an apocalyptic future with a hate-filled Paul searching to kill Peter and his followers. It mirrors how much Paul opposed the Christians, yet God still had a plan for him. The Paul in the film has the power and the followers for his viewpoint, yet “The Way” finds and heals him physically and spiritually. He can't go back to the way his life was before and his former acquaintances don't know how to react to his new found faith.

This movie is very action-packed, including instances of shooting and killing. It has a Dove “Family Approved” Seal for ages twelve and over. I would suggest that parents may want to preview the movie for their children. Every child is different, and a twelve-year-old may be disturbed by some of the violent acts that occur. The story line contains a level of suspense that keeps the audience on edge. It engages the audience while speaking to the the hearts of all sinners the truth of God's unending love.

Rooted in faith, this film portrays the power of God's love and forgiveness. He takes a man like Paul (who is completely against Christ), heals him, and calls him home. If He could forgive a man like Paul, we should have faith that he can forgive us as well. God loves each of us and forgives our sins completely. He is our Father who loves us and is waiting to forgive us.

This film is great for a family with older children. It brings up faith questions that will engage teens and help them see God in a different light. If God forgave Paul (Saul), how could He not forgive each one of us?

Copyright 2014 Tanya Weitzel