MorningsWithMegGraced Moments: A Ministry for Busy Moms
Beginning September 1st ...posting a new video each Monday 

“Mornings with Meg” is a new and an innovative spiritual outreach video program for young moms featuring the talents of Meg Bucaro, wife and mom, who will be speaking on real life situations and how we, as Christian moms, can help our family come to know and love God through our actions. These videos are created for busy stay at home moms and for those who work outside of the home, with the goal of helping moms connect their faith life to the joys and struggles of raising a family.

Meg Bucaro Wojtas ... is a mother of three, a college speech instructor, a past member of the Rockford Diocesan Pastoral Council and a Catholic MOMS (Ministry of Mother’s Sharing) lead facilitator at St. Thomas More (Elgin, IL). Meg seeks to delight you with a witty, energetic and candid look at Christ’s role in a mother’s daily life.

Meet Meg in Person at the Young Mother’s Fashion Show - Graced Moments: Celebrating the Wisdom of Women on Saturday, 11/8/2014; 11:30am-2:30pm at Parkers’ Restaurant & Bar, Downers Grove. Click here for more information

To view "Mornings with Meg", visit Mayslake Ministries.