Today's Gospel: Matthew 28:8-15

Close your eyes and imagine.

You are walking up to the tomb. You find it empty. The man you love, the man you buried is gone. You're scared. You're excited. He told you something like this might happen. You're so giddy that you run to share the news with others.

On your way, you see Him - the man you love; the man you buried. He is standing before you. So naturally, you reach out for Him. You want to feel that warm embrace that you thought you might have lost forever. You want to wrap your arms around the man whom you watched being tortured just days before.

And you know it all to be real. But some will still deny it. How do you convince them of this reality? Pray for those who still need to believe.


In what ways do you struggle to believe? What about Catholicism troubles you?


Lord, show me the answers to the questions I have. Guide me as I seek. Remind me that everything from you is good.

Copyright 2014 Jenna Hines