Today's Gospel: John 21:1-14

In this Gospel, the apostles are fishing all night. They caught nothing. Then, Jesus appears on the shore (it is after He has risen from the dead and his apostles do not recognize him yet).

Jesus says to them, “Children, have you caught anything to eat?” After they answered no, Jesus tells them to cast their net over the side of the boat. We all know what happens next! Instantly they recognize Jesus as they pull up a net tearing from the number of fish.

This reminds me of all the times in my life when I have tried to do things MY way. Or when I have prayed to God and asked for very specific things (like to have a certain boy fall in love with me…ha!). I come up empty!

Yet, when I change my prayer slightly to be open to God’s will, my “net” overflows! For example, instead of praying for Mr. Good-Looking to ask me out, I asked God to reveal to me if I had a vocation to marriage and if so, that the right man would come along. It was not always as instantaneous as the apostle’s fish catch, but the clear answer would be revealed in time.

Within time, the apostles may have caught a fish or two or even twenty. But, the mere presence of Jesus multiplied their catch beyond their wildest dreams. The same can be true for us if we open our minds and hearts to what Jesus is asking of us.

I was at a drugstore yesterday and while I was impatiently waiting in line, I saw a picture of Jesus on a magazine cover. Instantly I felt better as I thought, “There’s Jesus. He’s here!” My thoughts started to wander as I reflected on the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Mainly, how if I feel closer to Jesus merely by seeing a picture of him at the checkout line…imagine how close I am to him at Mass when He is actually inside of me! Maybe they were deep thoughts for the checkout line, but they shifted my thought pattern in a more positive direction for the rest of the afternoon!

The physical presence of Jesus resulted in a miracle for the apostles. And, Jesus is still here (especially in the Sacraments) and can do the same in our lives if we let Him. Awesome!


The apostles did not immediately recognize Jesus on the shore. When have you failed to recognize Jesus in your life?


Please Jesus, grant us the graces to be perseverant in prayer and to be open to your will.

Copyright 2014 Trish Bolster