Today's Gospel: John 20:19-31

Today's Gospel takes us back in time to the original Second Sunday of Easter, when Thomas made his famous proclamation, "My Lord and my God!" upon seeing Jesus, risen from the dead. Poor Thomas! Forever after, his name is associated with doubt, for he had to see to believe.

These days, even seeing isn't believing any more. Computer generated images, digitally altered photographs...this new generation can't even depend on their eyes any more. Faith is more important than ever before.

But God breaks through all of the doubt and cynicism of this world to reach out for each and every one of us. It's not always as big an event as the Risen Lord appearing before us, asking us to place our hands in His side, but Jesus reaches out for us every day.

Today's feast of Divine Mercy should remind us that even if we are busy with our everyday lives, He waits for us, calls to us, just as he did for Thomas. After all, Thomas was the only apostle who was going about his day when The Lord came into the upper room, through the locked door! Thomas was running errands!

But Jesus didn't give up on him; He came back just to help Thomas' unbelief. This is His great mercy: if we are making ourselves too busy for Him, Jesus comes back again and again, every day throughout our lives, to make that contact we're missing.


Do I let life get in the way of connecting with God? Am I so busy with doing that I'm missing that time when Jesus is reaching out to me? How can I slow down enough, often enough, so I don't miss an opportunity to have that communion with Him?


Jesus, I know there are times I let my life get in the way of our relationship.Teach me how to slow down so I don't miss out on being with You.

Copyright 2014 Christine Johnson