Editor’s note: Today we have another installment of our Moms’ Night Out: A Real Life Look series, where our writers share how this movie resonated with them, how it touched them where they are right now, how they found a glimpse of the priorities and beauty they sometimes overlook in the midst of the daily grind. Enjoy!

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I feel totally unqualified to write anything about motherhood.  Because the truth is, I STINK at it.  Hardcore, I'd be fired if I were employed, stink.  I just finished Anne of Green Gables and feel like Marilla Cuthbert—harsh, dry, but loving beyond belief.   It's a rough gig and one that I never thought I'd be doing.

I cannot think about more than one thing at a time; I was a horrid waitress.  And now I have three kids who all need me simultaneously or not at all.  I have very little discipline and my kids suffer from the same problem.  Incompetence makes me crazy and kids are inherently unable to do things on their own or think things through any better than many adults.

Yet God has seen fit to give me three of them.  And a desire for more.  It is the most rewarding and hardest job ever.  As an introvert, I just need to get away sometimes.  I got to escape into movieland for the first time since my oldest was born six years ago (that I can recall anyway) by watching Moms' Night Out.

Oh my word.  YES!   That is my life.  On steroids, though, because honestly if you have movie level drama in your life like that, y'all need some Boundaries!  The producers of Moms' Night Out really captured motherhood well.  How the kids help and it makes you nuts, the thoughts that go through your head, the desperation, the doubt, the stress...and the LOVE!

In my case, they even got the MNO ER visit right!  Seriously, that happened to me on my first night out without my youngest date.  She cut her finger on a pop can and needed stitches.  I didn't even GET to the coffee shop we were meeting at.  Totally forgot until we watched this movie and hubs apologized.  Again :).


It's good to see a (ever so slight...ahem) exaggeration of the craziness that is life and motherhood and parenting.  It makes things feel less...nuts.   Because I feel a little crazy.  A lot.  And while there are things I need to do better, God multiplies our efforts and gave the kids to us, for the good of us all.

So put on your own oxygen mask, and go out to see Moms' Night Out this Mother's Day weekend.  Laugh at yourself and at your shortcomings.  Remember, it could be worse; you could be hunting down your toddler from know-nothing's all over town. Stop at adoration on your way home to thank God for your blessings. Then come home refreshed and ready to embrace your crazy.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tune in tomorrow for another installment of our Moms' Night Out: A Real Life Look series!

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