You’ll love the way this main dish has a light refreshing summery taste (even though it’s fall right now), and to keep the theme going, Kent made us some Mojito drinks to go with it.  (Just the adults of course!)

Want to know how to make real foodie versions of your favorite drinks?  Check out Kendahl’s book: Natural Cocktails, Classic and Contemporary Mixed Drinks for the Real Foodie.


This makes two 9×13 pans, because lately I’m on this kick where I make double or triple of almost anything I’m cooking, and then keep one in the freezer for busy nights or give one to a friend.  This recipe is perfect for that because it can be easily made ahead and frozen for later.

And by the way, if you are using those aluminum disposable pans so you don’t tie up your other dishes OR if you’re taking one to a friend, put some parchment paper down first to keep the food and aluminum away from each other.

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