Today's Gospel: John 14:15-21

In this Gospel, Jesus tells His disciples that even though we cannot see Him anymore, He remains with us. Of course, this is so comforting. We live in such a loud, visually stimulating society that it is easy to forget that Jesus is with us at all times.

I know that Jesus is with me at Mass, and during those few-and-far between moments when I am able to devote time to prayer at home, and especially during the “stop time right now” sweet moments with my children! But, when I am angry, bored, or sad, I often feel very alone. I am reminded of the saying, “You feel far from God? Well, guess who moved!?”

We are the ones who move away, obviously! Fortunately, if we keep our eyes open and allow times in our day for quiet/stillness, we will feel God’s presence again. And, even if we don’t FEEL it, we only need to read this Gospel to be reminded that He is with us always.

Obviously the notion of something being present but not seen is confusing for children (and adults!). My children learned in their Christian preschool that Jesus lives in their heart, and I have assured them that their guardian angels are forever on their shoulders. This explanation seems to satisfy them. Children are so wise to accept these truths without too much thought! If only we could trust so much…


What moves you away from God?


Lord, please help me to remember that love is not about feelings. You always love us and are present with us. Help us to love you back and to trust that you are with us…especially when we do not feel like you are there.

Copyright 2014 Trish Bolster