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This summery salad is hearty enough for a Meatless Friday, but can be "beefed" up with grilled chicken or steak on another week night. If shrimp are on sale, or easily available to you, you could add some grilled or pan-sauteed shrimp, or even some canned salmon on a Meatless Friday.

The pasta adds a really nice chew, and a little more oomph to this salad, which is why I think it even stands on its own with no meat or fish. Serve with a loaf of crusty bread and butter, and some fresh cherries or sliced watermelon.



The recipe is rather loosey-goosey. Add more or less of any ingredient to make the salad you like. You can even add other vegetables if that's the way you like your Caesar salad. I've included my recipe for mock Caesar dressing. It's lighter than most, delicious, and without raw egg, so you can feel safe about feeding it to your children. Or purchase your favorite bottled Caesar dressing.

Caesar Salad with Bowties

1 head Romaine lettuce, chopped
Caesar salad dressing (below, or your own recipe) -- add as much as you like to coat your lettuce
1/3 lb. bowtie pasta, cooked to al dente, drained and cooled
1/2 pint cherry tomatoes, rinsed and halved or left whole
bag of Pumpernickel or Caesar croutons
several tablespoons shredded Parmesan cheese

Toss all ingredients together in a large bowl. Top with additional parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.

Mock Caesar Dressing

Even though this salad dressing doesn't contain the traditional raw egg for creaminess, the yogurt provides just the right amount along with a little bit of tang.

1/3 cup plain yogurt
2 T. fresh lemon juice
1 T. olive oil
2 t. red wine vinegar
2 t. Worcestershire sauce
1 t. anchovy paste
1 t. Dijon mustard
1/2 t. freshly ground pepper
1 garlic clove, minced

Mix ingredients in a bowl and whisk to combine, or place them in a lidded jar and shake. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Caesar Dressing recipe from Cooking Light magazine

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