Today's Gospel: Matthew 13:24-30

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the man whose enemy came in the night and sowed weeds in his newly-planted wheat field. When his servants asked him if he wanted them to pull up the weeds from the field, he told them not to.

“No, if you pull up the weeds you might uproot the wheat along with them,” he said.

This is a good parable to remember for those who have someone in their lives who is broken or wounded. Although there are plenty of “weeds” in the individual’s personality and capacity, there also are plenty of “wheat” stalks that have great value.

If we insensitively or forcefully rip and tear so as to remove the weeds, we’re likely to rip and tear out the wheat as well. No, we have to be patient, allowing both the weeds and wheat to grow and nurturing the wheat along the way with love, compassion, and encouragement. Then, when the wheat is ripe, it will be stronger than the weeds. At harvest, the weeds will pass away and the wheat will be left to fulfill its God-given purpose.

With prayer and persistence, we can look at the difficult people in our lives and see the wheat amid the weeds. It can be fairly obscured at times, but it’s there. We just have to look closely enough. When we focus on the wheat, the weeds will seem far less obvious and bothersome.


  • Who is the person that I find most challenging?
  • Why is that person a challenge to me?
  • What are some of the wheat stalks that I can see in him or her?
  • What can I do to remind myself of them when I have contact with that person?


Lord Jesus,

I praise you for your goodness, and for your wisdom in teaching us through your parables. Thank you for your tenderness is always leading me along the better way.

You know the difficult people in my life. You see the wheat and the weeds in them, and you love them unconditionally. Please help me to see the wheat among the weeds and to love unconditionally as you do. Help me to wait patiently for the harvest, when the weeds will fade away and the wheat will come to fruition.

Help me to be aware of my own weeds, and to do all I can to foster the growth of the wheat so that I, too, may reach a fruitful harvest.


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