Anna's Shadows Anna's Shadows

Anna just had to take this picture of a shadow. She was trying to capture how the shadow looked just like the object. The shadow could not exist without the object. It's funny that she was so enthralled with the idea, because she can be considered a shadow of me. Of course Anna is her own person, created by God for a purpose with my DNA as well as my husband's DNA. She is a blend of the best parts of both of us. But if you look at her and look at us you will notice she has the outline of us. But without us she would not be there at all.

Our children are their own people, without a doubt. However, without the love of God and their parents they would not exist at all. Our lives are reflected in our children's outlines, choices, attitudes and opinions. We don't influence every part of their being but we help to form the majority of their beliefs.

This revelation means that we are the shadows of our parents. If you think about it are you able to see how your parents influence has formed the outline of who you are; your thought process, belief system, faith life, attitudes and opinions? We carry a blend of both of our parents good or bad. They formed who we are at a very young age and as we developed we decided what to keep and what to change. Does your shadow still resemble your parents? Do you want your children's shadow to be an outline of who you and your spouse are today?

2014 Copyright Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp