Small Success Thursday

Small successes are especially necessary in times when the world seems mad. Counting our blessings is a form of rebellion against the deliberate and seemingly endless ugliness that one sees on the news, regardless of one’s choice of venue.

Every bedtime story, every goodnight kiss, every lunch date with a teen or walk with one’s children, every playdate, every moment in the garden, every stolen time for beauty, joy, and fellowship, is an act of defiance against the cycle of violence, rage, ignorance, cruelty, maliciousness, and destruction that we witness erupting across the world.

So stop today and breathe. Stop today and be gracious. Stop today and count your blessings. You won’t just feel gratitude, (although you will), you’ll be helping to save the world from itself, one moment at a time.

With that sort of attitude, think back to all the ways you helped stop the world from falling into darkness. (Yes I’m a Dr. Who fan.)

This week I:

1) Snuck in a bit of time at adoration, always good for the soul, and I find I need it more and more these days.

2) Did a fun interview over the course of three days as part of a writing assignment for a magazine. It would have been even more fun in person, but I might still be visiting with the women I met over the phone.

3) Helped pack up my daughter for college and prepped everyone else for school which starts (yikes) next week.

4) Took kids to the pool even though it was overcast. The water was very cold but they had a great time.

5) Took everyone to the fair. We spent too much, I went on a few rides I would not have otherwise if my seven-year-old were an inch taller. By the end, everyone had that sticky sated feeling that only comes from going to a place where you get swung around multiple times in different directions and then eat fried chocolate chip cookies washed down with lemonade.

That’s my week of stopping the world for small successes. Now it’s your turn. Oh, and the Runner’s Club made me work out three times last week in total. Can’t wait to read about your week.

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Copyright 2014 Sherry Antonetti