Today's Gospel: Matthew 22:34-40

So simple, God is first, everyone else is second.  We tend to complicate our lives so much with lots of confusion and formality.  But there it is.  Set our priorities straight and give all glory and honor to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit now and forever.  Love one another.  How often we think we are loving one another and curse the driver who cuts us off on the road.  We must love them too.  When we raise our hand to curse them, turn it into the sign of the cross and bless them instead.  It works, it’s beautiful and it will give you peace.


Is God truly first in your life?  What stands between you and God?  Can you remove it, or at least lessen it.  Ask God to help you.


Father, I want you to come first in my life, not just today, but always.  Help me to keep you front and center Lord and help me to love your children and show them your light, especially when they get on my nerves.

Copyright 2014 Maureen O'Shea