Today's Gospel: Luke 8:4-15

God’s love is infinite and abundant. He does not hold back his gifts and his love. We hold back, but God is always about the business of planting seeds.

The soil of my heart had some pretty rocky ground when I first started attending a Catholic church with my husband. I wanted to be there for my husband and my sons. I thought it would be good if we all went as a family . . . and yet I really did not want to be there. I did not enjoy it, nor did I intend to enjoy it. I just went. I sat. Like a rock.  I was present out of love for my family but that was as far as I could go.

Maybe that love in my heart started to grow some roots in rich soil as I attended Mass there week after week, listening to the Word. Watching the consecration caught my attention. One day, everything changed. I had been listening to the Word of God for months. The seeds must have taken root. In the middle of Mass, the thought came to me. It was time to make a commitment.

One year later, I became a Catholic. God is generous. God is patient. God is love. And God changed the soil of my heart from rocky to rich.


Has reading and hearing scripture produced fruit in your life? In what ways?


Lord, thank you for your generous and loving heart. Thank you for bringing me closer to you. Please work through me to bring others closer to you. Change my rocky heart into soil ready for the seeds of your love. May I be eager to bear fruit for you. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Colleen Spiro