Today's Gospel: Matthew 20:1-16A

Matthew brings us another of Jesus’ parables about the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus gives us just enough insight into our eternal home to help us get there, but leaves so much a mystery that we are driven by curiosity.

In this parable, Jesus is referencing the various stages His people are in their faith journey. Some become canonized Saints. Some reject Him completely. Most fall in between. Regardless of where we are in our faith, God gives us chance after chance to be with Him. He gives everyone this opportunity.

When you interact with people throughout your day, remind yourself that God does not care as much about how mature a person is in his or her faith today as He cares about where we end up in our faith in the end. Even someone who seems ungodly in our eyes can enter Heaven. God is pulling for that person. We should too.


Do I look at other people with the eyes of God? When I see another person, do I judge them or do I think about how loved they are by the Lord?


Lord, give me your eyes. Let me see all people through your lens. Remind me that having a deep faith does not grant me special treatment. Instead, help me to use my faith to teach and guide others.

Copyright 2014 Jenna Hines