Today's Gospel: Luke 9:7-9

Can you blame Herod for being curious? Here's a man who seems to have it all: power, money, sex, people. Naturally he wanted to see this guy who was causing all the discussion.

I picture Herod as the kind of person who had his finger on the pulse of the local gossip. He knew what was hot and what was up-and-coming and who was causing trouble. To some extent, that was part of his role. And, whenever I read the story of his party and the beheading of John the Baptist, I can't help but think that it was part of his personality.

Herod has all the stuff. He is worldly to the max.

So it makes sense that he was also perplexed by Jesus (and by John the Baptist).

To be perplexed means, according to my dictionary, "completely baffled; very puzzled." In other words, Herod didn't understand.

What was the appeal of this poor preacher from Nazareth? Why were people talking about him, enamored with him, leaving all that was important (to Herod) to follow him?

We are challenged the same way Herod was. It's an insidious thing, the way the appeal of the world gets in the way of our ongoing conversion. Will we let the perplexion we may feel, facing Christ, to draw us closer to him, or will we just remain confused and enjoy the moment without him?


In what ways can I step away from some of my worldly attachments and follow Jesus? What small step can I take today to step away from the allure of the material?


Lord, thank you for the many gifts you give me, including the things that make my life comfortable. Help me not to place them in front of you or to let them get in the way of my relationship with you. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Sarah Reinhard