Today's Gospel: Matthew 21:28-32

Thank God we can change our minds. How many times have I said no to God? Sometimes it’s not saying no so much as saying, I’ve got this covered, or I can’t let go, or I’m afraid. God watches and waits as I mess up and then come back to him. He takes me back. Over and over again.

When our children were young this Gospel played out frequently in our house. We had one of each until the child who lied realized that lying carried a very stiff penalty. The child who groused and said no and then decided yes learned that it was easier to say yes from the beginning. I wish I could say as an adult, I have learned it’s easier to say yes to God from the beginning. For the most part I do what I am asked, but not always. That’s another reason to be thankful for the sacrament of Penance.

I want, desire, and need to do my Father’s will. It is my will that gets in the way. At times, life seems to be a process of searching for God’s will and then praying to have his will truly be mine. That is the prayer to hold on to, “thy will be done,” in me and in all your disciples.


What can I do to better know God’s will for my life? How can I move my will to meet God’s?


Father, thank you for the gift of free will. Help me to know your will and to desire to do your will always in my life. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Deanna Bartalini