World View Wednesdays

I'll admit it: some days, I become truly and abundantly discouraged when I tune in to world news.

There seems to be so much pain, war, poverty and suffering. Some days the needs of so many of God's people overrun my ability to cope. Those are the days when I forget that God -- in his ultimate goodness -- knows and accounts for each and every one of his children. In my overwhelmed state, I neglect to do the one thing that I know MOST helps me:

I forget to pray. I forget to trust God, to take my concerns directly to him, and to trust that God is always with us.

crs prayer bookI recently became aware of a lovely new (and free) resource from our friends at Catholic Relief Services that is helping me to center my prayers and calm my spirit when this sense of dread and panic sets in. WALK WITH ME: A 21-DAY PRAYER JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD is exactly what it sounds like -- a twenty-one day retreat with our brothers and sisters being served by CRS in every corner of God's earth.

This free Catholic prayer book includes:

  • 21 days of prayers and reflection
  • Devotions for people in places like East Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Brazil
  • Prayers for mothers, children, refugees and for our Church around the world
  • Stunning, full-color photographs of people helped by the work of Catholic Relief Services, thanks to the generosity of people like you

To receive the prayer book free of charge, you are invited to share your email address. In exchange, you will receive the CRS Briefing, breaking news alerts and inspiring stories that will encourage you to live your faith by helping our poorest brothers and sisters overseas.

As we endeavor to raise up our children to be God's hands and feet to those in need, a resource such as Walk with Me is the perfect way to introduce the concepts of Catholic Social Teaching in our homes. I believe your family will be moved and deeply inspired by this resource as you come to discover families just like yours living around the world.

Get your free copy of WALK WITH ME: A 21-DAY PRAYER JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD here and please join me in a twenty-one day journey of love, respect, service and prayer.

Copyright 2014 Lisa M. Hendey