Good morning reader friends.  Do you love curling up with a good book, too?  My favorite relaxing pastime is reading, and today I’m giving you a little peek at some of my top picks — what’s on my nightstand or by my favorite chair at the moment; some foodie related, some not…

(If you buy any of the below, I’m super grateful if you go through these links as it helps to pay the bills around here, and there are always plenty, especially the way I have a knack for breaking stuff!  Prices are the same no matter how you click over.)

Business/Blogging books:

  • Mostly lately I’ve been learning a ton from this guy: Dan at Blogging Concentrated.  I subscribed to his online instructional videos and info, and it has been VERY worth it already.  (If you’re new to blogging OR you have been around for a while like I have and feel like it’s about time you figure out what the heck you’re doing (!!), you should definitely check them out.)

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