cover-not god's typeNot God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms by Holly Ordway is a beautiful and amazing story.  As a child she thought there was no need to put a capital G when spelling God, as an adult she  saw ”faith as nonsense” but felt “dissonance in my own life, in my understanding of the world”.  Ordway chronicles how she came to belief from unbelief and eventually came to the fullness of truth when she joined the Catholic Church.

As an academic and intellectual, Ordway comes to know God through the power of reason.  She learns that a commitment to Jesus is not to be taken lightly nor is it easy. Her realization that the “Christian life wasn’t something to be figured out, like a philosophical crossword puzzle, but a reality to be experienced.  This Jesus, whom I dared to begin to believe had really been raised from the dead, said, “Follow me.”” is what leads her to become a Christian.

Ordway shares with us the depths of her soul searching journey quoting great literature and poetry.  She tells her story with honesty and candor.  I read the book almost in one sitting and when I was done, wanted to start it again right away.  Ordway’s story shows us once again that there is a God-shaped hole in each of us and we cannot run from the One who made us.

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