Small Success Thursday

God bless toddlers. Their favorite question is "WHY?"

"What are you doing Mom?"

"The laundry."


"Because your sister and brother have to have their uniforms for field hockey and cross country this weekend."


"Because they can't do their activities if they don't have their uniforms."


"It's the rules and I don't want them to not be able to do these things they love."

So the real reason I'm folding these socks is I love my children.

How do we know if what we're doing is good? I mean beyond what we know to be good in a practical sense, the things we must do to get through the day -- the meals, the laundry, the errands, the paperwork, the brushed teeth and showers -- everything that, if we do not do, will lead to everything that everyone else does to not happen.

By answering why until we get to the core why. How do we make sure we're doing all these little things with great love? By remembering why we do these little things in the first place.

Why do we do Small Success Thursday? We do the Small Success Thursday not to brag, not to show our Martha Stewart or Pinterest perfect best, but because we can in the process of doing all we are doing, forget why we do all that we do. Counting the blessings helps us grow in gratitude for the gifts we have, to give thanks. Small Success Thursday is a way of remembering that every day is Thanksgiving in the Christian life. Thanks for being part of this week's Small Successes.

This week, I:

1) Went to the dentist. I've put it off twice. But ta-dah! I took care of my teeth and everyone else's. (They went earlier.)

2) Spent some time in adoration. I've been asking to see where I need to work and lo, this week my children informed me. They didn't know they were answering the prayers. It's a scary thing to say, "Lord, show me where I need to work." because God answers. That I don't have an excuse, now I must begin the hard work.

3) We got the dryer repaired. This is a tremendous thing I've put off because it's easier to just take everything to the laundry mat. But now, the job of laundry falls back to the home, and I'm glad even if it means, I can't put off the laundry until once a week.

Now, it's your turn.

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