Small Success dark blue outline 800x800Due to summer vacation schedules, we're sharing a few "Best Of Small Success" quotes with you today. Be inspired--and join our linkup!

Demand of yourself progress, not perfection.  The goal is to keep at it, and let the process refine you in whatever field of endeavor it is.

If you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, pray and ask for help and get working. It works, even if you’re mentally rolling your eyes inside, because God is interested in winning us over with love. God is interested in breaking down all our walls, all our attempts to pretend we’re independent, we don’t need him, or we can be strong without Him. He’s interested in us falling weak in the knees in love with Him, and so He delights in delighting our hearts with whatever He can imagine, will make us remember to pray and give thanks.

If there is a poison to motherhood and parenting, and to life, it is ingratitude. It robs everything of the emotional pleasure that should have been there, and robbing everyone else if they know, of the joy they’d had in giving.

Small Success Thursday is about the victories made minute by minute, day by day.

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