Today's Gospel: Luke 14:15-24

One of the most beautiful images of heaven in the scriptures is the royal banquet and the wedding celebration given by the Bridegroom. An invitation to the most important banquet of all is given. But the parable takes an unexpected twist when they all begin to make excuses.

Nobody could come to the great banquet. Seems preposterous. Why on earth would everyone who had been invited to a great banquet in advance, not drop everything and attend? They knew ahead of time. Don't you think that they would be planning their days, weeks even months around this extravagant feast? It is not as if they were being called to work in the vineyard. They were invited to celebrate.

Why did they not rush to the feast? Life got in the way: business transactions for one, goods and possessions for another and family for the third. Life on earth got in the way taking precedence over God.

The second part of the story focuses on those who would never have considered getting such an invitation. The poor, maimed, blind, and lame, the outcasts of society ­­ those who have no claim on the King but who are welcomed as valued guest. God doesn't stop there. There is even ample room at the feast for outsiders from the highways and hedges,­­ the gentiles.

Even without prior warning the outcasts rush to attend the feast because they are starving, hungry for the things of God.


Well folks, do we stand with the poor, lame and blind, those in need who cannot believe their good luck when God calls them? Or are we the ones who have been invited but are not poor and desperate enough to go and eat with our Heavenly King?


God put a deep hunger in our spirits for you, for the things of God and never let us grow complacent.

Copyright 2014 Melanie Jean Juneau