DuckTadtles, Remastered


2D, Sidescrolling Platformer


Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360


Yup. DuckTales. It is based off of the Disney cartoon show. Remastered from the original 1989 game, DuckTales remastered actually does more than just upgrade the graphics, but adds to the story, with additional levels, dialogue, backgrounds, the works.

Players assume the role of Scrooge McDuck as he hunts down treasures. Yup. That's it. That's the entire plot.


Since this is the update of an old Nintendo game, the controls are simple: hit one button to strike an object (not a person or a creature, an object) with Scrooge's cane, hit another button to jump, and use both buttons for Scrooge to jump around on enemies' heads like Mario.


See: Mechanics.  Really. It's that simple.  The enemies are nothing to write home about, they're standard "time them, then strike.  There are the occasional puzzles, but they really just consist of hitting buttons in the right order or in the time amount of time.  The voicework is tv-grade, and the animation is beautiful.


The graphics are actually quite good.  You feel like you're playing the cartoon.

The music is good.  However, you will get that main theme stuck in your brain until the day you die, and maybe not even then.


.... Do I need to answer this one? Really? It's DuckTales. Do I even need to elaborate?

If I do, then, fine, it's based off a Disney cartoon from weekday afternoon television. It's morals are fine and it's appropriate for anyone.



Addiction Danger

Place limits on how much time your children can play this game. I remember playing this one from the first time it was released. It was audio/visual meth.

Problems/Ending Comments

It's a fun game. Feel free to go out and buy it for your kids.  Now.

ESRB Rating: It's DuckTales. E for Everyone. Enjoy.

My Rating: 8/10, a good, even a great game.

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