Today's Gospel: Luke 17:1-6

Just one line from today’s Gospel has given me pause to reflect: “Lord, increase our faith.” And so, how to work with the Lord on this? There is an old saying that if you repeat the things you are doing over and over, while looking for different results.....

Well, we know the theme, don’t we? But how about this as a new wrinkle: Keep doing the same things over and look for NEW RESULTS!

In my adult years, I’ve become a  bit of a pillow hugger. I don’t sleep all that soundly during the night, but usually by morning, I’m sleeping just fine, thank you very much. I don’t want to get up most mornings.

I remember going to a Catholic men’s conference in Colorado and hearing the priest speak about getting up about 30-40 minutes earlier than necessary, getting a steaming mug of coffee and sitting down to pray and spend time with the Lord. His testimony was that this act of submission had dramatically increased his faith. Not immediately. Not without days of distractions. Not without a bit of resentment (like a desire for another hour of sleep) from time to time.

I returned to that men’s conference the following year and listened to the same priest saying that to increase your faith -- act like you have that faith. More will be given to you in abundance.

Now I can testify to this too. For something in the neighborhood of a dozen years, I’ve gotten up at least 30-40 minutes early. I let the dog out and feed him. I pour a mug of coffee and sit down to do the Morning Prayer of the Church, along with a re-consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. (This is known as the de Montfort Consecration - it takes 2 minutes and I try to be faithful to it and other prayers every day.)

I find now that I am often (not always) speaking with the Lord. I’m sharing petitions and intentions with him. And from time to time, I’m repenting for some weaknesses in my continuing journey.

I promise, this has been a true path to greater faith in my life.


Have you, like the Apostles asked the Lord to increase your faith? If so, what are you doing to facilitate that in your life?


Lord, some days my faith seems like a mustard seed. I ask You to help my faith grow and grow until it is so large that others can come to rest in its shade. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Deacon Tom Fox