Today's Gospel: Matthew 25: 31-46

Jesus gives us clear instructions in this passage on what is expected of us if we are to live with Him in Heaven. The examples He gives us are the Works of Mercy. The Church teaches us these works early on and emphasizes their importance. The Pharisees knew the law well. So did Jesus, but Jesus is concerned with how we treat others. Once again, He shows us that it is not merely enough to believe our faith, we must act on our faith. Jesus loves each one of us, so imagine his pain in seeing one of his beloved hungry, thirsty or imprisoned. We are also not just talking of physical ailments, but spiritual. How many times are we imprisoned in our own sin? Imagine the relief our soul feels when it is nourished and quenched by the Word of God and the compassion shown by others.

Alternately, if we treat others with contempt, neglect and judgment, we do nothing to help them. As a member of the Body of Christ in Heaven, we are to take care of one another and avoid hurting each other.


How have I treated others recently? Have I helped them or hurt them? What could I do better to treat God’s beloved children the way He intended?


Dear Lord, I want to be one who helps your people not hurts them. Guide me to make the right decisions when it comes to them and inspire my heart with your compassion. Make me aware of their suffering and give me the desire to relieve it.

Copyright 2014 Jennifer Gladen