Worry Stones with CrossToday I gave each of my students a small Christmas gift. It was not candy, cookies or other sweet treats. Nope, it was a rock!

I love to hear them say, "I got a rock," just like Charlie Brown does in the Halloween special. I searched a long time to find something I could afford to buy for just over 100 students. I wanted to find something that they could keep that would help them with their faith life.

The Catholic Church is great about embracing the physical aspect of life and tying it to our spiritual nature. Each of our Sacraments have a physical and tangible nature to them as well as a spiritual unseen grace. I wanted to give them something that they could hold in their hands and remind them of God. For my juniors, I purchased the worry stone rocks and wrote a little prayer to go with them:

A gift from me to you

I chose a little worry cross rock for you this Christmas. My hope is that when you worry you will hold it in your hand, rub your thumb across the cross and let your stress and worries go. Give your grief to Jesus Christ upon the Cross and He will bear your pain. My prayer for each of you is that God may bless you daily in every loving gesture that you receive, and with every smile you give to others they will see that God lives in you. - Merry Christmas - HD - 2014

Worry Stones with words

For my seniors I purchased rocks which had a different word engraved on each stone. I told them to choose one. They were all individually wrapped by me and my children.

I explained before they opened the gift that I believe the Holy Spirit wants them to focus on whatever phrase the rock has on it. One of my students who is struggling with believing in God received the rock that says faith. He of course wanted to put it back. It amazes me how God works in our lives.

Many of my seniors still have the rocks I gave them last year. Some of the girls keep them in their purses and the guys have them on their dressers at home or in their cars. One of my students actually gave his worry rock to a friend who was going through a difficult time.

I will do or give them anything that I feel might lead them closer to God. Foundations are built on rocks and our faith should be the foundation that our lives are built on. I am trying to teach this lesson to my students in many different ways. I think they know how much I love them but more importantly how much I believe that God loves them and wants them in His life daily.

Copyright 2014 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp